At "Trattoria il Capitano we offer a wine list featuring some of the best the region has to offer and an Owner ready to welcome you in our relaxed and al fresco ambience.
Bon Appetite!
Mixed Seafood starters
Sea-food starter
Sea-food salad
Steemed mussles
Seafood Crudité - raw fish (not sushi)
Shellfish and sea-food spaghetti
Paccheri trabaccolara - short fresh pasta with fish ragù
Sea-food spaghetti carbonara
Sea-food Risotto
Mixed green salad / roasted vegetables
Roasted potatoes / fries
Captain's Golden fried fish
> Shrimp, squid, fish fillet, vegetables
Golden fried anchovies
Mixed grilled sea-food
> Shrimp, scampi, squid and vegetables
Fresh fish of the day
Fresh fish in the oven with roasted vegetables
> seabass, sea-bream
CACCIUCCO – sea-food stew
Catalana -  Mixed steamed seafood
> shrimp, scampi, squid and vegetables
Imperial Catalana with lobster* (for two)
Captain's dessert
Panna cotta
Custard cream
Ice cream

Some of our crudités

Some of our seafood dishes